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History and Ideals

Ideals Statement

Edwards Headboards exists to enhance people’s health and well being by providing them with fashionable and comfortable sleep products at prices they can aford

Our History


After taking a correspondence course in upholstering and a year of practice on friends and relative's furniture Edward and Rose Boycott opened a part time reupholstering shop in their garage.

GarageIt all began here in the garage


Through offering quality workmanship and fair prices they built their business enough that Ed was comfortable quitting his job at Chryslers and they went into business full time.  At this time they built a much larger workshop on their property.

1975 to 1978

While still working out of their home workshop they rented a store nearby and hired a decorator to sell their reupholstering and other furnishings and accessories.  At this time they hired employees and started ordering frames and manufacturing custom furniture.

1978 to 1982

Business grew rapidly.  They moved from their home workshop to a much larger building where they added a woodworking shop and started building their own frames for the custom furniture they manufactured.


1982 to 1992

At this time they expanded into a large main street factory and adjoining showroom.  By being able to provide what customers wanted and the quality they were looking for business boomed and it was time to expand again. 

1992 to 2006

After renting for all these years they decided to build. They moved into a 12,000 square foot building. Their sales skyrocketed to well over $2,000,000 annually and they employed 18 skilled workers.  In 2006 a recession hit the area and Ed and Rose Boycott decided to close everything and retire.

Boycott's Through The Years

2007 to 2013

Edward and Rose had a beautiful lakefront home built with an added workshop where they started a part-time re-upholstering business.  It is here where they started building custom upholstered headboards.  Edward realized the demand for them was high.  People wanted to read or watch TV in bed before going to sleep or a coffee in bed before starting the day.  They wanted something soft and fashionable to lean their head against instead of a hard wood headboard or wall.  This is what led Edward to come out of retirement and re-establish Boycotts specializing in headboards naming it "Edwards Headboards" He vowed to make this new venture live up to the fine name that Boycotts had established over their 37 years in business.

Lakefront Shop

Ed and Rose Boycott working in their lakefront shop

2019 to present

Edward has been designing many styles of custom beds and headboards. He has found top notch high quality vendors and has hired skilled craftspeople.  He pays his employees a good living wage and is offering them a share in the company.  Edward is offering you the most stylish and most comfortable products he possibly can at reasonable prices.