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Meet our key people

Ed Boycott



Edward has been married to his wife and business partner Rose for fifty-seven years.  They have two children and two beautiful granddaughters.  He loves sports and played ball and hockey until he was over seventy years old.  Edward and Rose play golf together three times a week.

He has been a Rotarian since 1997 and knows of the great work Rotary does worldwide and has pledged to donate a percentage of the profits to the Rotary Foundation.

Edward plans on the business being an employee owned business  and will be turning ownership over to his employees when he feels they are ready to take over.

Mohammad Atta Arafa

Mohammad is 36 years old, is married and has three young sons.  He emigrated to Canada from war torn Syria over three years ago. 

In 2002, after his high school graduation he started working as a sewer and became proficient in all types of sewing including clothing and draperies.  After serving compulsory military service in 2007 he started working in a family sewing business making bed covers and curtains until 2010.  This is when he started working as an upholsterer. 

In 2011 he got engaged and started building a house.  On the same day his wedding was scheduled they woke up to the air strikes and had to flee the town to escape the bombing.  When he returned, his new house was completely destroyed. He had no money for food or to try to repair his house.  He told his fiance's father that he could not marry his daughter at this time and decided to travel to collect money to repair his house.

He borrowed money for plane fare to travel to Libya.  The war there was over.  At this time he started working as an upholsterer and sent money home to his parents to travel to Libya.  The bombing increased in Syria and the regime forces besieged the city from all sides, no food, electricity or water.  He was concerned about his brothers and family there and started sending money to them for food which became scarce and expensive.  The townspeople began farming to secure food.

Fortunately his fiance's family was living in Damascus outside of the imposed siege. After years of trying he finally got his fiance' a visa to go to Lebanon where they got married.

In 2014 his brother got killed in the air strikes leaving a wife and three young children behind plus many of his relatives lost their lives in the war.

In 2014 Mohammad rented a store  and started manufacturing, selling and marketing furniture.  In 2017 the United Nations commissioner called him for an interview to travel to Canada.  He was happy because Libya is not a safe place to live.

Edward's family welcomes Mohammad and his family to Canada and am sure his experience, expertise and precise workmanship will be a huge asset to our company